Oji Masanori Brass Nesting Trays

Kaufmann Mercantile

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Cast brass trays to hold paper clips, pens, memos, jewelry or other small items. Finished with a unique sand cast surface. Made in Japan since 1897. Available in Small, Medium and Large. Keep track of your jewelry or organize your stationary supplies with these solid brass trays. Molten brass is poured into hardened sand molds in a Japanese foundry in operation since 1897. The upper face of the trays are finished with the unique texture of the crude sand casting surface. The trays may be used individually to store small items, or arranged together to create a table centerpiece. The trays will gradually change in color over the years due to oxidization, and green rust may appear on the surface. This is neither toxic nor harmful, and you may prefer the subtle patinated appearance. If not, you can clean the trays by rubbing them with a soft cloth moistened in a solution of equal parts vinegar and salt. Wash the trays with a dishwashing detergent, then rinse with water and dry completely. 

Small: 3 ½ inches x 2 ¾ inches
Medium: 5 ½ inches x 3 ½ inches
Large: 8 ¼ inches x 3 ½ inches

Material: Brass

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