Brasilia Tray


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Rare, rustic, recherch...Add some polish to your pad!

Monumental shapes with stripes of gloss white glaze over unglazed chocolate stoneware. Each piece is hand thrown in our workshop in Peru. The striated texture is called chattering, created by the potters tool rhythmically bouncing on the surface. Perfect in a Zen, Scandinavian modern, or Minimalist home environments. Inspired by the city of Brasilia, a city planned as a modern utopia and designed by Oscar Niemeyer.

This piece is hand thrown by the skilled artisans at our main workshop in Peru. Jonathan makes the prototype in our Soho studio and then we send the model to our Peruvian workshop. The potters then create these pieces on the potter's wheel to our specifications. Our Peruvian workshop was made through Aid to Artisans, a non-profit organization that connects designers in America with artisans in developing countries to promote fair trade.

21" diameter

Length: 21"

Color: white, Brown

Materia name: Stoneware