Chief (Female) by Jenna Snyder-Phillips

Jenna Snyder-Phillips

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Chief, 2013
Evocative of classic american folk art, the Female Chief by Jenna Snyder-Phillips is a bold and striking portrait of an american icon. Painted in simple black and white, the harsh lines and dripping paint bring a unique and modern touch to the image, making the painting method itself the central aspect of the picture. The image of the chief and the painting technique combine to make a strong statement in any room of your house.

For the practiced and expert art collector, this painting is a perfect edition to any collection and for the budding artistic greenhorn the Female Chief is the piece to start with. Solo or in a gallery wall, this piece elevates the styling of any home. The female chief brings a commanding vibe to any art collection big or small.

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Length: 20"

Width: 20"

Height: 30"

Style of Design: Eclectic

Type of Art: Print or Poster

Color: Black