String Garden Sphere Frame


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HomArt's small String Garden Sphere is a dazzling translation of an ancient Japanese art into a modern-day home decoration. Unplug and showcase your favorite, most majestic, and most beautiful plants in a one-of-a-kind Zen collection. The String Garden Spheres come in three sizes for a keen and customizable accent to your home. HomArt's String Garden Sphere inspires beauty in all gardens and can be hung using HomArt's Bundle of Thick Jute for an elegant Far-East accent to a fountain, patio, or porch - any outdoor living area. String Garden Spheres work by padding moss inside and filling with dirt and a plant. The Small String Garden Sphere measures 6 x 4.5 inches and will elevate a garden to a wonder of the world rivaling Babylon's Hanging Gardens.

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Height: 4.5"

Weight: 0.24lb

Color: Grey

Material: Steel Wire

Style of Design: Modern