Quartz Faceted Ceramic Cup Large - Set of 4


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HomArt's Quartz Faceted Ceramic Cups show beautiful craftsmanship with perfect geometric edges and delicate design. With a matte exterior and gloss interior glaze, HomArt's Quartz Faceted Ceramics carry darker hues on their inner surfaces and around the lip, causing a smoky and aesthetically pleasing effect. HomArt's large Black Quartz Faceted Ceramic Cup measures 3.25 x 4.5 inches. Hand washing is recommended due to the delicate and graceful nature of the piece. HomArt's Quartz Faceted Ceramic Cups are also available in white and grey.

Height: 4.5"

Width: 3.25"

Color: Black

Style of Design: Traditional

Material: Ceramic

Materia name: Food safe ceramic