Mina Ceramic Vessel


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HomArt's Mina Ceramics are a high-end bone china ceramic with an artesian feel. Imparting a clean, sophisticated, architectural impression, these vases were inspired by the designers’ fascination with crystalline shapes. Each piece is hand glazed, with a matte glaze on the exterior and a shiny glaze on the interior. Available in four sizes and three colors (yellow, grey, and celadon), the colors of HomArt’s Mina Ceramic Vases vary even within groupings of the same color because of the hand glazing process. Astute designers will recognize and appreciate this variation for exactly what it is—evidence of hand craftsmanship. HomArt’s Mina Ceramics are food safe and should be washed by hand. The wide Mina Ceramic Vase measures 7.5 x 5; the small, 4.75 x 6; the medium, 3.5 x 8.25; and the large, 4.75 x 12. 

Height: 5"

Weight: 1.2lb

Color: Grey

Material: Ceramic

Style of Design: Modern