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Our soy wax scented candles evoke olfactoral memories of place. Now available in six distinctive scents:
HUDSON - smoky and sweet, reminiscent of a walk down residential Union Street, with the first fires of fall and smoke curling from brick chimneys
WELLFLEET - floral and beachy, conjuring the memories of a sun baked perennial border in June and the crunch of clamshell pathways underfoot
MARFA - woody and deserty, evoking a ritualistic campfire and smudge sticks under a clear West Texas evening sky
AIX-EN-PROVENCE - a fresh early Summer wild herb and lavender field scent reminiscent of the ever-fragrant Southern French landscape
JAIPUR - saffron, bergamot, + musk, having a sweet undertone, bringing to mind the intense + vibrant scents of the royal Indian 'Pink City'
OUEZZANE - (wa-zon) a sweet citrus, composed of blood orange and anise notes, evoking the fertile citrus plains of the Rif region of Northern Morocco
Candles come in a clear glass container and packaged in a pale grey and gold foil gift box. Approximately a sixty (60) hour burn time.

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Height: 1"

Depth: 1"

Width: 1"

Color: White