Saddle Leather Cot

Garza Marfa

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After living on the West Coast for many years, Garza Marfa's design duo Jamey and Constance turned their gaze to Texas, finally taking the plunge and moving to Marfa in 2003. After a few years of living in the high plains desert of the Trans-Pecos it was clear their move was permanent and the pair began to develop furniture imbued with an aesthetic inspired by their new surroundings.

Inside or out, this eloquent blend of steel and leather lends itself to use as a cot, daybed, couch, or even a seasonal outdoor lounge.

Choose from two depths—26” or 37”—and either natural or drum-dried chocolate leather.

Height: 18"

Width: 37"

Size: Twin

Frame material: Leather & Faux Leather

Style of Design: Contemporary