Giants- Herkimer Clear Artpiece


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Heliodor and Herkimer are names of natural crystal formations. Heliodor is a clear yellow variety of beryl found near Rossing, Namibia, and prized as a gemstone; Herkimer is an exceptionally clear quartz crystal from Herkimer County, NY.
Optical glass. The collection consists of 4 pieces; Herkimer, Heliodor, Baby Herkimer, Baby Heliodor. Herkimer is at 28cm, Baby Heliodor is at 10cm, Baby Herkimer is at 12,5cm height and they are available in clear. Heliodor is at 26cm height and comes in 3 colors; blue, black, and clear.


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7" L X 11" H

Shape: Abstract

Material Name: Natural Crystal

Content: Quartz


Finish Name: Crystal

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