Conic Grid - silver


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The Grid vase, was inspired by a combination of city influences.Since moving to London, I have been fascinated by British history and the strong medieval atmosphere when I walk through the streets. I became fascinated by tales of the knights templar and the Tudors and the endlessly rich history surrounding me. I came up with vases, inspired by suits of armor, helmets and fencing masks. My trip to Turkey was also relevant. I had visited the city andthe beauty I had seen in Islamic arts and crafts was very inspirational. Strong yet fancy armor and the essence of these two cities are very much behind this set of vases.
Grid is an eye-catching vase collection hand crafted by Turkish and Indian artisans, bestowed with hundreds of years of experience in copper craftsmanship. It combines contemporary design with Turkish sensibility. The bottom section in this collection is made of copper and the top section of stainless steel. All wires of the top section in this collection are shaped and assembled one by one by hand to achieve this unique structure. Available in 3 sizes and 2 colors: Copper and silver coating.


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Height: 16"

Color: Silver

Style of Design: Metal Vase

Materia name: Metal