Handmade Walnut & Brass Vinyl Record Shelf and Lamp

Fat Girl Skinny Boy

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FGSB presents what the person that has everything doesn't have. We personally drug out, milled, and dried two fallen Black Walnut trees from our friend's farm here in Western Oklahoma. From this limited supply of wood, some unfinished brass, a drawknife, and electrical snips, this shelf/lamp is hand shaped, hand constructed, and hand wired.  
It was designed for our own homes and we are stoked to put it in yours for a limited time. Vinyl not included, but come over anytime, slap on some phones, lay on the floor and spin ours all you want. 

Domestic Black Walnut
-Size = Not too big, but not too small. Kinda perfect really.
-Unfinished brass
-100% hand made in our shop

Return Policy - No returns. 100% Warranty

Shipping Lead Time - 7 Days Lead - Xmas Delivery Guaranteed If Ordered By Dec 15

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Height: 24"

Length: 7"

Width: 14"

Color: Natural Walnut and Brass

Material: Domestic Black Walnut, Unfinished Brass

Style of Design: Traditional