Yay! Champagne Flute


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There's never a wrong time to celebrate. There's never a wrong time for some champagne. There's never a wrong time to throw a little party and there is especially no wrong time to do it all with the Yay! Champagne Flute. Smooth and thin, this classic champagne flute gets a personalized twist with a big "Yay!' etched on the side in gold foil lettering. 

Make toasts more vibrant, romantic dinners a little more flirty, and New Year's Eve a whole lot more fun. You're Bellini will be bubblier and your Spritzers more refreshing. Everytime you take a sip, you will pull the glass away and celebrate the day. Nothing is more infectious then celebration and this glass is constantly celebrating you because you deserve it.

Treat yourself to a gift for all occasion. Working hard gives way to playing hard and having fun and now your glassware plays right along with you. You'll never have to worry about which flute to use again. The answer is simple every time. If you want to have a good time, the Yay! Champagne Flute is the way to go. Toast to vitality, exuberance and fun with this flute. Yay!

Height: 9.25"

Width: 3.25"

Weight: 0.45lb

Materia name: Glass

Color: Clear with Gold Foil

Style of Design: Traditional