JIA Steamer Set - Large

Counterpoint Design

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Steaming is a common method of cooking in Chinese cuisine and is becoming increasingly popular around the world because of its health benefits. The resulting design is a simple and practical steamer set which is easy to understand and suitable for Asian and Western steam cooking alike. Steam Poacher is an extension which is design to enhance your steaming experience. Honest and technologically simple materials combine to disguise a high level of functionality.

The steamer basket replaces the traditional bamboo base with terracotta. This natural material has efficient liquid absorbing characteristics, meaning it can absorb any excess moisture generated during steaming, ensuring that the food is perfectly moist. The steamer pot and lid are made from fireproof ceramic, which has excellent heat resistance compared to regular stoneware, making it less likely to crack at higher temperatures. The JIA Inc. steamer pot can be used on open flame gas stoves and in both conventional and microwave ovens.

Height: 11.42"

Length: 7.09"

Width: 6.14"

Weight: 4.6lb

Color: White

Material: Fireproof ceramic, cedar wood, terra cotta

Style of Design: Traditional