Eva Solo Table Grill

Counterpoint Design

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Light up the grill and take it to where you are eating. Eva Solo’s exclusive table grill can safely be used for barbecuing directly at the table. With its stylish porcelain bowl and wood trivet, the grill is a functional, safe and elegant feature. It is perfect for small cosy dinner parties or for adding a touch of fun to your daily cooking.
The grid and insert for the glowing coals are made of stainless steel. Before lighting, use the steel handle to carry the grill from place to place. When the grill is hot, it stands securely and safely on the accompanying trivet. The porcelain bowl, insert and grid are all dishwasher-safe.
Surprise your guests and make the Eva Solo table grill the centrepiece of your dinner party. Bon appetit!

Height: 13.78"

Length: 10.2"

Weight: 9lb

Color: White

Material: Fireproof porcelain and stainless steel

Style of Design: Traditional