Colorhouse 128-Color 5"x5" Fan Deck


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The Colorhhouse Fan Deck lets you view all 128 hues in the Earth's Color Collection, The Handcrafter Color Collection and the Color of Hope/Sprout Collections. The Earth's Color Collection of 49 harmonious, natural hues are rich backdrops for comfortable living and add a sense of depth to interior spaces. The Color of Hope is a collection of 36 clean, fresh and bold colors and the Sprout Collection is made up of 7 fresh and playful hues designed for children's spaces. The 36 hues in the Handcrafter Color Collection are modern colors designed with a richness and complexity you can feel. These harmonious hues are designed with grey undertones, creating a contemporary group of colors.

Height: 5"

Length: 5"

Width: 5"

Weight: 2lb

Color: Multi

Material: Paper