One Sentence a Day

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The value of rediscovering today's experiences at a later occasion has been scientifically proven to improve your overall happiness. This is where One Sentence a Day steps in. Finding the most meaningful moment of each day and jotting it down in this unique oneyear journal (or even doodling a picture of it); whether it's a conversation, a lyric, a sentence in a book, an image, a meal, or the happiest part of your day will help you build a whole bank of memories, which you can rediscover for years to come. Reliving these forgotten memories will give you an instant pick-me-up and a lesson in appreciating the significance of every day moments.

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Height: 4.52"

Length: 6.59"

Width: 0.84"

Weight: 0.64lb

Color: Multi

Material: Paper

Style of Design: Traditional