Done. A Cook’s Guide to Knowing When Food is Perfectly Cooked by James Peterson

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This is the handbook that answers the age-old question that cooks everywhere struggle with all the time: how do you know when it’s done? Covers 75 of the most vexing foods—from fish to baked goods—in words and pictures, with stage-by-stage doneness photos for foods that are best taught visually. No recipes, just the key info cooks need to know for how to tell when something is done.

These problems solved and more:

too-firm artichokes

chewy shellfish

raw-in-the-middle salmon and fried chicken

gray-ringed hard-boiled eggs

wet quiche

runny berry pie

rubbery bacon

dry-as-dirt Thanksgiving turkey

too-gooey brownies

greasy and clumpy buttercream frosting


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