Please Build Your Cat a Cardboard Castle

A new book offers 20 different DIY designs that will, yes, help you create a castle your cat can climb, claw, and call home.

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photography by QUIRK BOOKS

Please, build you cat a cardboard castle. After all, not only does the little, furry member of your personal royal family deserve it (she puts up with you, right?), but a cardboard playset would be a great place for them to stretch their claws that isn’t your couch. Also, boxes—cats love those darn things.

Now, thanks to a little direction from Mental Floss, we’ve found a book that will help you turn your leftover Blue Apron boxes into the kind of well-designed cat distractions you’d want in your home. Illustrator Carin Oliver’s Cat Castles: 20 Cardboard Habitats You Can Build Yourself is a brilliant little volume containing, yes, 20 step-by-step instructions for crafting 20 imaginative, colorful cardboard cat castles. Exactly how we, and all cat owners for that matter, have managed to get this far in life without this book remains unclear at this time.

Included among the many designs for winky, charming cat habitats are blueprints for cardboard, feline-optimized pirate ships, locomotives, food trucks, rockets, submarines....and you’re kind of crying with joy inside right now aren’t you? Instructions on how to make scratching pads and post have been thrown in for good measure.

The book (or is it a booklet?), is already available for digital download here and you can preorder it before its December 6 release over here at Amazon.

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