Assorted Bath Affirmations


Ships in 5 days

1 test tube each of: Enliven Coconut Basil, Fortify Mango Peppermint, Harmonize Juniper Berry Grapefruit, Repose Thyme Lavender and Thrive Chamomile Eucalyptus. Each tube contains 1.2 oz. Each test tube comes complete with the corresponding affirmation scroll and a muslin bag. 

Maker Name: Truly Aesthetic 

Length: 8.5"

Width: 2.5"

Color: Multi

Material: 100% natural Portuguese cork is used to stop each test tube in order to keep the contents fresh. Also included are reusable unbleached muslin tea bags which can serve as an option to enclose the contents and create your own bath tea.

Style of Design: Traditional