Tuareg Armchair


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The beige color of the velvet used to cover the Tuareg Armchair reminds us of the sand and the warmth of the Sahara, where most Tuareg people live. They are known for their nomadic lifestyle and great skill of constructing temporary structures. These structures have several styles; some covered with animal skin, some with mats. There are variations depending on location or subgroup, but all with the same purpose, to give protection from the sun and sandstorms while providing home for the habitants. The Tuareg Armchair complements every living room with its elegant shape and its essence of protection.

28.3" W X 30.7" D X 38.6" H

Material: Fabric: velvet Fabric needed: 4,50 mts | 178" (Standard width 1,40mts | 55") Legs: ebony wood veneer

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