Rhythm of Color Vintage Novi Kilim Over-dyed

Asia Minor Carpets

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As part of Asia Minor Carpets' Rhythm of Color Collection, this beautiful carpet features rich and colorful over-dying using 100% natural vegetable dye. The original, magnificent and traditional Vintage Novi Kilim is between 50 and 75 years old. It was recovered and restored by the artisans in the workshops of Asia Minor Carpets. Hand-woven in Turkey using 100% hand-spun, hand-dyed Turkish wools, this kilim exemplifies the traditional  floral design style of the Novi Kilim. The flatweave of the kilim makes for a very utilitarian carpet while the floral design of the Novi Kilim provides a sense of elegance thus allowing it to to be used in more formal spaces.

Country of Origin -  Turkey

Shipping Weight (lbs) - 55

118" L X 87" W

Pile Height: 0.16"

Material: 100% Turkish Wool with all natural vegetable and mineral dyes

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