Henley on Safari

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In this book Henley yearns to roar like a lion and learns a lesson of courage (and roaring) through his travel to exotic Africa and encounters with the wildlife there. Julie Muszynski's delightful character, Henley, is in the mode of classic children's characters - lively, adorable, and full of adventure and learning topics. Both illustrated and written by this talented author, Henley is sure to have many more exciting adventures in seasons to come - but so far he's conquered two of the most challenging locations: New York City and the continent of Africa!

Join him in his travels with his companion Ms. Lulu Ziminski, fashion maven extraordinaire, in a book that is fit for children and adults alike.

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Height: 11.4"

Length: 9.52"

Width: 0.49"

Weight: 1.44lb

Color: Multi

Style of Design: Traditional